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Congrès ECPMR, Thessaloniki, GRECE, 2012

Participation au congrès de la Société Européenne de Médecine Physique et de Réadaptation

28 mai – 1 juin 2012, Thessaloniki

Congrès de la Société Européenne de Médecine Physique et de Réadaptation

28 mai – 1 juin 2012

Thessaloniki, GREECE

ECPMR = European Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  1. Al Kandari S, Chahrour R, Al Kandari M, Bayle N, Tlili L, Colas C, Loche CM, Gracies JM. Effects of Guided Self-Rehabilitation Contracts together with Repeated Botulinum Neurotoxin Injections on Walking Speed in Chronic Hemiparesis. A Prospective Open-Label Study. 29 mai 2012.

  2. Fardjad S, Boutou M, Behnegar A, Primerano A, Gracies JM, Hutin E. The beneficial effects of a “Light FRS” (Functional Restoration of the spine) program on biomechanical parameters of 23 patients with chronic low back pain. 31 mai 2012.

  3. Duret C, Hutin E, Lehenaff L, Gracies JM. Motor outcomes following upper limb robot-assisted training early after stroke. 31 mai 2012.

  4. Duret C, Lehenaff L, Gracies JM, Hutin E. Eligibility for upper limb robot-assisted training as an adjunct in subacute stroke rehabilitation. 31 mai 2012.

  5. Condamine L, Hutin E, Boutou M, Behnegar A, Gracies JM, Fardjad S. Tai Chi Chuan training for PM&R professionnals – Developing a new treatment modality in rehabilitation. 1 juin 2012.

  6. Tlili L, Bayle N, Gracies JM. Motor Strengthening and Botulinum Toxin Type A Injected into One Agonist Only in the Treatment of Disabling Essential or Cerebellar Hand Tremor. 1 juin 2012.

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